A fine selection of books, music CDs and movies on DVD!

Our goal is to work, within multicultural Australia, on preserving Serbian culture and language among Australian Serbs by providing a fine selection of  books, DVD movies, music CDs and cultural events.

The shop was opened in 1997 in Melbourne's largest suburb Dandenong (high Serb-born population).

Bookshop 'Beograd Online' has endeavored to keep their customers up-to-date online with this website since it's first establishment. The website acts not only by informing consumers with the latest releases in the Serbian language (books, CDs, DVDs) but informing on community events, as well.

Related with credit card payments: we process credit cards transactions using manual hand-held terminals in ours hops. Once you give us details we enter them  into the system and then all paperwork (handwritten or faxed) is destroyed. Your credit card details are safe.

Related with purchases on the website, we do not use shopping chart. After you choose a product from our catalogue, please use Order Form (or press "Buy now" button). This will open a form in another window. Toggle between windows and "cut-paste" products that you want to order, or enter them manually. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail.



Shop 7, 236 Lonsdale St.

(Dandenong Arcade)


Tel: (03) 9793-9755 


(Corner Boyd Ln & Lonsdale St)




E-mail:  click here

Web site: www.BEOGRADonline.com


Business hours


Monday    CLOSED   

Tuesday   CLOSED

Wednesday CLOSED 

Thursday  CLOSED 

Friday    10:00 - 6:00  

Saturday  10:00 - 2:00

Sunday    11:00 - 3:00   








"BEOGRAD ONLINE " is the largest shop in Australia that sells Serbian books, music CDs and DVD movies. On top of private customers we supply government libraries, ethnic schools, radio stations and Serbian DJs.

Nase prednosti:

Knjige, CD i audio trake dobijamo direktno iz Beograda svake nedelje. Oni koji dodju iz Beograda obicno kazu da smo u toku sa svim novim izdanjima i da toga nema ni u Beogradu na jednom mestu. 

Kako da nas pronadjete:  

Prva prodavnica se nalazi u predgradju Melbuna koje se zove Dandenong. Locirana je u samom centru,  preko puta National Australia Bank, u hodniku  koji se zove 'Dandenong Arcade' (strelica pokazuje ulaz u hodnik).

Ukoliko dolazite iz kompleksa Dandenong Plaza  -  prodavnica se nalazi preko puta restorana "La Porcetta" , desno od prodavnice "Dimmeys".

Ako zivite u inostranstvu onda znate sta znaci nostalgija. Polazeci od licnog iskustva mi smo 'napravili' Beograd u Melburnu. U prodavnici mozede da nadjete sve ono sto zivot u inostranstvu priblizava zivotu u Beogradu: stampu, knjige, muziku, filmove, suvenire i uvek sveze vesti iz Beograda. 

Knjige su covekov najbolji prijatelj.


Mnogi "klinci" su naucili srpski jezik slusajuci muziku i gledajuci nase filmove.


Similar with Belgrade in Serbia, our "Down-under Belgrade" welcomes all Serb-born Australians, as well as their friends, especially our neighbors from: Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FRY Macedonia, and Slovenia.


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Your hosts - Nina and George Petrovic




7/236 Lonsdale St, Dandenong, VIC 3175, Australia

 Tel +61 3 9793-9755, fax: +61 3 9793-9283 e-mail

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