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                                      -Your home address

                                      -List of books, CDs, DVDs you want to order

                                      -Payment method:  COD (to the postmen);  By Credit Card; Bank deposit


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  • You pay to the postmen (COD) 

  • Cheque    Save $10 on postage.

  • Put money on our account (Electronic Funds Transfer)    Save $10 on postage

You go to any National Australia Bank and fill in a deposit form. Our account name is "Beograd Online Pty Ltd", Branch Number (BSB) is 083 337. The account number we can not give you right now due to security reasons, but we will send you via e-mail.  

After this is done you send us an email and we post you the parcel via Australia Post. 


  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Bankcard)  Save $10 on postage.   

    There are two ways of paying by credit card:

1. Using secured  PayPal system - from our HOME page.


2. We process manually you credit card in our shop. You need to provide credit card details via phone (03 - 9793 9755) or fax  (03 9793-9283). Please, do NOT e-mail credit card details



Payment methods

  • Telegraphic Money Transfer 

  • International Cheque                         

  • Credit card 

We process in our shops every day many credit card transactions and have a very good record with National Australia Bank. As we do not have automated credit card processing on our web site, you will have to provide your credit card details via phone (03 - 9793 9755) or fax  (03 9793-9283). Please, do NOT e-mail credit card details




1. Are there any discounts if we order more than 4 CDs? ANSWER: YES, you do not pay postage charges

2. How much will the postage be for us as we are in Johannesburg, South Africa? ANSWER: In average US$10

3. How would we go about paying you as you don't take credit card transaction via e-mail? ANSWER: You can fax your credit card details on +61 3 9793-9283.

4. Would we be able to order other CDs that are not on the list but are new releases? ANSWER: YES.  You can order from us ANY CD that can be obtained from Belgrade's shops/suppliers.

5. Do you also sell the small cassette tapes of music? ANSWER: YES we do. Price is A$12.



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