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Serbian Film Festival

This year's 2nd annual Serbian Film Festival will be held
at these Hoyts locations:

Film Festival Programme
Cinema times remain the same, only the location and dates will change

Friday screenings
6.45pm - Boomerang (R)
7.00pm - Who's That Singing Over There? (R)
9.00pm - Absolute Hundred (R)
9.15pm - When I Am Dead And White (R)

Saturday screenings
2.15pm - Who's That Singing Over There? (R)
2.30pm - Absolute Hundred (R)
4.30pm - War Live (R)
4.45pm - Boomerang (R)
6.45pm - Natasha (R)
7.00pm - Absolute Hundred (R)
9.00pm - War Live (R)
9.15pm - Boomerang (R)

Sunday screenings
2.15pm - When I Am Dead And White (R)
2.30pm - War Live (R)
4.30pm - Who's That Singing Over There? (R)
4.45pm - Natasha (R)
6.45pm - When I Am Dead And White (R)
7.00pm - War Live (R)
9.00pm - Who's That Singing Over There? (R)
9.15pm - Natasha (R)


  • Single ticket - $14; Concession - $12
  • 3 Films Pass - $36; Concession - $30

Tickets are now on sale from Cinema Paris at Fox Studios on (02) 9332 1633, Wetherill Park on (02) 9609 2777 and Northland (03) 9478 7888 or can be purchased at the box office during business hours.

Films that are screening

War Live (R) - 2000
Runtime: 100 minutes / English subtitles
Trying to make a film is hard at the best of times. But try being an American in Serbia during at NATO bombing campaign.
Absolute Hundred (R) - 2001
Runtime: 95 minutes / no subtitles
Igo, a former Olympic champion forgets his past as drugs overtake his life and his brother risks all to save him.
Natasha (R) - 2001
Runtime: 92 minutes / French subtitles
17 year old Natasha is torn between love & revenge over her fathers death. She is unaware of the danger due to her childish behaviour.
Boomerang (R) - 2001
Runtime: 90 minutes / no subtitles
For an unlikely group theft, drugs, dealing and arms smuggling is daily life until they enter
When I'm Dead and White (R) - 1967
Runtime: 113 minutes, B&W / English subtitles
The local village thief has great ambitions of becoming a singer even with his talent and friends, not everyone can become a star.
Who's That Singing Over There? (R) - 1980
Runtime: 120 minutes / French subtitles
On April 5, 1941, a date Serbs will recognize, men on a country road board Krstic's bus for Belgrade: two Gypsies who occasionally sing about misery, an aging war vet, a Nazi sympathizer, a dapper singer, a consumptive, and a man with a shotgun.

Please Note: Due to special film festival classification all these films have been given a rating of "R" even though this may not accurately reflect their content.



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